A Clean Life

Thursday night we were on hand for the launch of a new non-profit organization that is dedicated to environmental stewardship through waste reduction, sustainable eating, and community building. In these days were Green is Gold, Steven Mandzik, founder of A Clean Life, has hit on something near and dear to the masses – even if they don’t quite grasp what they can personally do to make their lifestyles and activities more environmentally sustainable.

The party was open to any and all with encouraged tax deductible donations at the door. Cocktail specials and networking conversation ensued. One enterprising social media greens-pert even undertook to videotape attendees explaining how much they produced in trash weekly; no one wanted to own up to that one!
We learned (along with Mark Drapeau and John Michael Scott, above right) that in the District of Columbia alone, the average household produces 2,600 pounds of materials requiring disposition, per year! And we pledged with Robyn, Jessica and Sarah (left) to do our part to change it.
Here’s to a clean life! Find out how you can do more by visiting www.acleanlife.org.

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  1. Kate – thx so much for coming and the excellent post. I look forward to throwing more parties for you to come to 🙂

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