YPFP Date Auction & Friday Fun

A quick cocktail on the Firefly and some scrumptious nibbles from Agraria at the Georgetown waterfront readied me for the YPFP date auction at City Tavern Club last Friday night. I entered the great room just as the band, Sick Feed, was winding down for the second round of dates on the auction block, er… balcony.

My good friend and Sick Feed musician, Tom Snedeker, was my auctioneer – and he made me nervous by starting the bidding at $250. Happily, I went for more than double that! And I have a dinner at Teatro Goldoni to look forward to with a nice Georgetown gentleman who purchased a date with me for $525. Congrats to Young Professionals for Foreign Policy on a successful event and much funds raised for your programs.

And Happy Birthday to Kathryn Minor. I left the date auction to find you at your birthday party at L2. Sorry to miss you blowing out your candles, but the party (and L2) was a blast as always.