View from the Top

Rooftop Bash 101. What will you need? Perfect weather, enough bars and passed hors d’oeuvres, and amazing views!

Yesterday was the start of what I’m calling the View from the Top series. Everybody but everybody is holding their soiree in the heights this summer. Two big bashes put on last night marked the start of the season:

First, the Green Cup of Polo party above BLT attracted crowds all night long. Literally. I was there at 6:30, left and returned at 9:30, and left and returned at midnight, and each time the masses multiplied! Players wore their polo outfits and beautiful girls wore breezy dresses – but conspicuously, I didn’t see anyone wearing green. Just a lot of very happy, very fun people.

The other rooftop rendezvous was thrown by Capitol File and Bacardi… a Pre-Opening of the Rooftop Pool and Bar at the Donovan House. In between jaunts at the Green Cup, I enjoyed a somewhat tamer set at the new hotel… and a raspberry mojito, which was quite refreshing! Apart from the monumental views, guests could barely feel they were in the heart of the Capitol City. And don’t think I didn’t contemplate a dip in the rooftop pool!

** I also made a stop to celebrate the birthday of my great friend Morgan Ortagus. This gathering wasn’t on a rooftop, but didn’t need to be. This is a birthday girl who shines brighter than the stars! Happy Birthday!