To She… or Not to She? He did!

I’ve said since Obama beat Clinton in the primary: it would be smartest for McCain to choose a woman. He did it. Good for him. And he surprised us even more by choosing a woman not on the radar – not Kay Bailey or Eliz. Dole or Carly Fiorina. Sarah Palin. Wow.

Why this may be good for him:
-Believe it or not, there are women out there (a surprising number) who were voting for Hillary because she was the female candidate… and only because she was female. Tick those voters onto McCain’s side of the abacus.
-Palin is a different kind of female politician than Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. She seems less harsh and more “motherly.” (Not that Hil and Nancy are not fine mothers!!) Men and women alike may respond to that softness more favorably. On the other hand… she went back to work less than a week after the birth of her son… so I doubt anyone would call her “soft.”
-She’s not “just a girl.” Her actions in Alaska show that she can be a hard liner… and can also help with a much needed recharging and rebranding of the GOP. Just what the Dr. ordered for McCain!

But, then again, I’m not so sure. There are, of course, those women who won’t just vote for a woman… And Palin opposes a woman’s right to choose – which could be a huge problem with feminists.

Personally, I’ve gotta love this woman because she was a runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant. Those Miss America experiences (and scholarship dollars!) sure do help women to do amazing things with their lives!

You surprised us all. IMHO – Good choice, McCain.