The New St. Yves: Gussied and Garnished

untitled-1008_HDRSome say that St. Yves is the patron of Brittany, abandoned children, and lawyers.  And now at least we know where those lawyers will go to lounge.

The team behind some of DC’s most popular nightlife venues (Capitale, Chinese Disco, Mason Inn, George, K Street Lounge, and Daedalus) has a new professional playground clubhouse… with caviar!untitled-0984_HDR

St. Yves is the latest to attempt the duo of corporate happy hour and special events by daylight/energetic hot spot for late night.  And it’s done with some super snazzy decor and creative dining.

The venue was restored to instagrammable iconery by Swatchroom, which reconditioned the building’s 12-foot soaring arched windows and classic vestibule with period mosaic tile before adding untitled-0999_HDRthe impressive quartz-topped main bar, a dazzling grand chandelier made up of half a mile of custom gold chain links, and a dramatic staircase leading to the exclusive second floor.

Guests will certainly marvel at the artwork (and we hear photography is absolutely encouraged!), but it’s the eclectic menu mix — in particular the extensive caviar service — that has our interest piqued.  It’s one of the chicest — non Russian house — places we know were Osetra, Beluga, Sevruga, and salmon varietals are served with toast points and classic accompaniments.

St. Yves is located at 1220 Connecticut Avenue Northwest