Teatro’s Perfect Pairings

I really didn’t think Teatro could get any better, but when Executive Chef Nicola Amroune (Teatro’s new addition) flexed her culinary muscles earlier this week, I had to sit down and shut my mouth – full of pan seared scallop topped with oxtail raggout!

Starting a tradition of paired wine dinners, the restaurant and DC Modern Luxury magazine hosted the evening with delights from the Antinori Family Winery & Vinyard. My personal favorite dish was the second of the five course dinner, the white truffle risotto. I couldn’t get enough – I ate Bill’s, too! And the final red wine, the Antinori Tignanello was incredible!

Speaking of perfect pairings, I’ve been forcing Pamela Sorensen to be the second half of my dyanamic duo lately… mostly just stealing her pictures because I forget to take them. But, be on the look out for further collaborations between the two of us – and others – very soon!

2 thoughts on “Teatro’s Perfect Pairings

  1. With your many social events, I’m wondering where you find all of your fabulous outfits? It’s so hard to stay trendy this time of year. Any advice?? You do such a great job and always look fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! While I’d love to do unlimited shopping, my funds are not as unlimited!! I have a few favorite stores which sell clothing appropriate for my body type (which is very important!) I also like to test out some of the seasons newest trends with finds at some of the lower-end stores (like H&M)before investing more heavily. And more and more, I think the key to a fabulous outfit is the accessories… and a smile!

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