Sometimes We’re Crabby

It’s rare, but from time to time, some of us actually do leave the District for strange, faraway lands. For example, Tuesday a dozen or so of us choose our own adventure at a literal ‘Hole in the Wall’ – the Bethesda Crab House. Yes, that’s Bethesda, Maryland.
It wasn’t my FIRST time cracking crabs, but each time certainly is a unique experience. If you’re an expert like my friend Paola (the Birthday Girl), 6 or 7 crabs takes no time at all. When you’re me, on the other hand, you’re tired after three (and you probably felt like giving up after the 1st one)!

Even so, it’s an East Coast tradition… and like they say in one of my favorite movies (Mystic Pizza starring Julia Roberts), “You don’t monkey with tradition!”

You still have time to enjoy some Maryland Blue Crabs before the crabbing season comes to an end. And don’t worry – you can actually find them in the District, too.