Recap of Triple Threat Birthday

The Triple Threat Birthday recapped on Pamela’s Punch… 1) Because I couldn’t write it better myself 2) because my ego would get a bashing on LNS if I tried to write about my own birthday… 🙂

Oh what a night. Actually, day and night. Ladies who lunch met yesterday (Tuesday) at Cafe Milano to celebrate the birth date of our dear friend Victoria Michael. There was plenty of champagne, vino, food and flowers, but the real party was last night at Teatro Goldoni, where the “Triple Threat”, Victoria, Kate Michael (no, no relation, nor are either related to sports broadcasters Larry Michael or George Michael), and Sarah Rosenwinkel. The restaurant held the private party reception in the middle room from 8pm – 10pm, but it soon spilled out into the bar and restaurant. By the time 11 rolled around the restaurant was practically at capacity. Some notables were Stan Kasten, Nationals President and Minority Owner, as well as Chair of the Baseball Committee, Bill Hall – both are geared up and excited for the season in the new stadium, and sports writer and show host, Michael Wilbon, who looked well recovered after his minor heart attack earlier this year.

Lobbyist David Mercer and real estate mogul John Mason were in attendance as was the now movie producing John Cecchi, who made an appearance after the screening of his film “Under the Same Moon”.

The After Party (this town cannot have a party without a pre-party and and after party for some reason) was at Fly Lounge, where the ladies took over tables and danced the night away.
Happy Birthday to the lovely ladies of the Triple Threat.

(Pictured: Pamela Sorensen, Kate Michael, Stan Kasten, Sarah Rosenwinkel, Michael Wilbon, Victoria Michael)

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