National Book Festival

For 6 years, the Library of Congress and First Lady Laura Bush have hosted a National Book Festival on the Mall, welcoming all with a love of literacy to embrace the day, the books, the authors, and the librarians!

For three of those years, I have been proud to serve as a National Book Festival volunteer as a member of the Junior League. The Junior League, in support of its literacy mission, provides the greatest number of volunteers for the National Book Festival each year.

This year I spent the day as a Captain in the Pavillion of States, where each state and territory hosts a table to inform visitors about literacy initiatives in their state, tells about famous authors from that state, and imparts a little trivia knowledge. For the kids, we provided a map of the United States, and if they can show they visited every state (stickers or stamps from each state table posted on their map) they won a special bookmark!

As always, it was a wonderful way to spend the day and reinforce my commitment to literacy in the District.