CharityWorks Dream Ball

How funny that the very same day that I had a frank discussion about the medocrity of charity galas, I attended the Charity Works Dream Ball at the National Building Museum! We were complaining that charity program’s often are too long, have stale decorations, and push mature auction items. Not Charity Works!

Kudos to Miriam Pollin, the new Executive Director of Charity Works! The event really did “Soar.” From the majestic billowing drapery and decor, to the powerful male aerialists whose performance greeted visitors as they sat for dinner, the night was wonderful.

Event Chair, Fernando Murias proclaimed the Charity Works Ball to be one of the top 5 Galas in town, and I have to agree. What a mix of style and sophistication, fun and philanthropy!

I have to thank Cindy and Evan Jones for providing my seat at the table, and Victoria Michael and Pamela Sorenson for a large portion of the fun. The saddest part… my evening clutch wasn’t large enough to fit my entire box of Leonidas chocolates given as the evening parting gift.

For an actual write-up of the event, check out my post for DC Style Mag at