MISCellaneous Spirits Go Full Tiki at Archipelago Tasting Event

MISCellaneous Distillery co-founders Daniel and Meg McNeill held a special reception and tasting of their award-winning spirits on Wednesday night at U Street’s Archipelago tiki bar.  DC’s trendsetters flocked to the quintessential summer spot to enjoy some local flavor and learn more about politico-turned-passionate distiller Dan… who’s leading his own career whiskey rebellion.

Guests sipped hand made rums and gin crafted in Mount Airy with Maryland grown grains and Baltimore’s iconic Domino Sugar while tasting some unique pairings arranged by the venue.

Even those who don’t usually prefer gin were singing the praises of MISCellaneous’s version… and the “Gregarious Saturn” specialty cocktail made with gin as its base.

We loved the “Lost Pilot” — which sources say you may find on Archipelago’s menu moving forward — mixing a blend of MISCellaneous Risky Rum and Dew Point Rum with grapefruit and lime juices and cinnamon syrup.

Such a great way to get in the summertime spirit.