“Less is More” at the Corcoran

One of the perks being a writer… the press pass! I accompanied veteran DC Style blogger, Yona Park, to the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s annual 1869 Society Ball last Saturday to learn the tips of penning for the publication. Featuring the new “Modernism” exhibition, the event was themed “Less is More” and asked guests to wear creative black tie.

In my opinion, there are two ways to understand the theme. As I always love to sparkle and take the word Black Tie very literally, I figured it must mean… less fabric. So I donned my backless silver sequin halter cut down to there and arrived at the art museum a bit surprised. Apparently the rest of DC’s social dolls took “Less is More” to mean “Simple is OK” and chose more plain, solid, straight gowns. Everyone looked gorgeous, of course, but my desire to dress up was slightly disappointed.

I have to admit I focused more on the fashion than the art, and I couldn’t begin to tell you about the “Modernism” exhibition. There was, however, a very ritzy ride in the middle of the atrium that captured my attention… which just leads me to believe that what they say about shiny things be true.

Shine on!