“I hear and see dead people,” says the Medium Next Door

“It’s basically part memoir about my life as a medium,” explains Maureen Hancock, explaining her newly released book The Medium Next Door.  “Yet I’m just like your next door neighbor… only I hear and see dead people.”

“I write about my work with the sick and the dying, helping people pass, assisting detectives to help find missing children and adults, and some profound readings that have changed families’ lives.”

If this reads like the plot of The Ghost Whisperer, that’s because it is.  Or at least it will be, when Executive Producers of the five year series start production on the real-life tale of psychic medium/soccer mom.  “She’s the real deal, remarkably accessible, and surprisingly funny,” say Ian Sander and Kim Moses of “Ghost Whisperer” production fame.  “She’s your best friend, ‘The Medium.'”

Hancock, known in her hometown near Boston, MA as the “Medium Mom,” Hancock not only has a TV pilot of her alleged life in the works, two non-profits, and the aforementioned book, but also a full schedule of otherworldly connections and crossings-over to perform.

“I receive requests from various parts of the country now on missing persons and murder cases.  Currently, I’m assisting a female homicide detective in North Carolina…”

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