Here’s Where to Find A 30 Foot Gingerbread Washington Monument

shutterstock_151869074Monumental gingerbreads are decking the halls of a few major locations in DC this holiday.  But even if you can’t get to the White House to view that gingereplica of the President’s abode, you can’t miss the true-to-scale gingerbread monument coming on display next week at the Ritz Carlton in DC’s West End.
Spanning up 30 feet through the grand staircase with the pointed top of the obelisk peeking up to the lobby level upstairs, the Ritz Carlton’sRCMACAU_00187 gingerbread monument dazzles with blinking red lights — just like those for air traffic control — and 50 American flags circling the base, just as the one on the Mall.
In addition to the gigantic gingerbread landmark, the hotel is full of festive treats, entertainment, and decor, including warm beverages Hot Chocolate Flight, TRC DC 2017and a Wishing Tree in the main lobby to benefit Martha’s Table, a decadent and delicious special flight of Hot Chocolates, gingerbread house decorating classes, and merry holiday meals for both Christmas Ever Dinner and Christmas Breakfast Buffet at Westend Bistro.
 The Ritz Carlton is monumentally in the holiday spirit with its giant gingerbread Washington Monument and so much more.

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