FRIENDS Fans Get The Ultimate Experience in DC

The ultimate experience for fans of the show FRIENDS is now in DC and it’s the perfect place to see actual show memorabilia and recreate some of fans’ favorite iconic moments.

The FRIENDS Experience was originally created for the show’s 25th anniversary, but now it continues to tour as an interactive experience created by Superfly X and Warner Brothers.


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With 12 nostalgia-packed rooms and areas — from the “pivot” stairwell to Central Perk, both apartments, and even the iconic fountain and legendary orange couch — the entire experience is about as photo-worthy as it gets!

There are also exhibits that explore the show’s history and continuing effect on pop culture, and an onsite FRIENDS retail store featuring exclusive products (open to both tickets and non-ticketed guests).

Timed entry tix start at $35.

Serious superfan?? Private access is also available for groups of up to 6-10 guests. 

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