PBS Trivia Battle Night

March 14, 2019 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Blind Whino SW Arts Club
700 Delaware Avenue SouthwestWashington
DC 20024
PBS Trivia Battle Night
Thursday, March 14, 2019
7pm – 9pm
Blind Whino SW Arts Club
700 Delaware Avenue Southwest
Washington, DC 20024
Contact phone number: 703.739.5430
Price: Free to attend. Eventbrite registration is required to attend.
Test your knowledge of music, physics, art, history, biology and more with PBS Digital Studios’ creators. Think you can stump them? Come ready with a trivia question of your own to give them a challenge.
Come for the epic trivia battle and stay to meet creators from PBS Digital Studios, including:
  • Joe Hanson (It’s Okay to be Smart / Hot Mess)
  • Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl)
  • Matt O’ Dowd (Space Time)
  • Sarah Green (Art Assignment)
  • Blake de Pastino and Kallie Moore (Eons)
  • Danielle Bainbridge (Origin of Everything)
  • Craig Rosa (Deep Look)
  • Toussaint Morrison (America from Scratch)
  • Nahre Sol and L.A. Buckner (Sound Field)
  • Evelyn from the Internets and Azie Dungey (Say it Loud)
  • Emily Zarka (Monstrum, a new PBSDS show on monsters, myths and lore launching in April 2019)
In the meantime, catch up with our shows at PBS Digital Studios: https://www.youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios
Bonus: Blind Whino’s pop-up hip-hop museum will also be open that night, so make sure to check it out while you’re there!

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