Dinner With an Artist

What a grand idea! It’s one of those traditional questions to ask someone ‘who they would invite to dinner if they could invite any guest.’ For artists, many of the following greats are on the short list!

To raise money for their programs in the DC Public Schools, the Fillmore Arts Center is creating a “salon experience” for Washington art patrons. Up to 8 guests will have the chance to have dinner with the artist of their choice: Sharna Fabiano (Tango Dancer), Rebecca Cross (Painter/Potter), Michael Kahn (Artistic Director), Nora Pouillon (Chef), Chuck Brown (Musician), Ethel Kessler (Stamp Designer), Alan Cheuse (Author), and my personal favorite since I’ve worked with him!!Dana Tai Soon Burgess (Choreographer).

Please contact Anne Masters, 202-337-3748, amasters@annemastersdesign.com for tickets or more info on having “Dinner With an Artist” on March 6, 2008. www.fillmoreartscenter.org