Day 2 – Rehearsals Begin

Bright and early the alarm goes off and Jaime and I start the big decisions of the day… do we want to join the group going to work out this morning? are we going down to the buffet for breakfast? We pack our bags for the day and head down to the first of several days of rehearsal.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Barry Lather, a choreographer that I worked with for the 1999 Power Pak Performing Arts Tour, was the choreographer for the pageant! It is going to be a spectacular show! We learned the opening production and the swimsuit walk.. with more rehearsals to follow in the coming days.

Then, the fun began! We prepared for an appearance at the Fashion Show Mall. We were raised out of the floor in a glass box to walk down an 80 foot runway surrounded by fans and supporters. We then signed autographs for the crowd.

Returning to the Aladdin, we attended another VIP reception and signed more autographs – I’m lucky I brought enough PR cards to last me through the day!

Tomorrow promises to bring even more Miss America excitement.