Technology is a Trippi

According to Summit Chairman Joe Trippi, last week’s AMP Summit was “a discussion about the powerful ability of technology to engage and empower people and listen to what they [have] to say.”  And it was also about getting off line and meeting in person. Melding… Read More

Woot! Woot!

A ‘woot!’ is the sound you make (online or otherwise) when you’ve landed on a great find, gotten a stellar deal, or  had something ridiculously rad happen to you.  So imagine our elation to find (thanks to reader Sanam Toossi). This site is an… Read More

Awesome App of the Day

Thanks to Liam Bonner who brought this life changer to our attention – an Android App (iPhone App exists as well) that allows you to walk and text without tripping over those tourists in front of you. “Road SMS” projects the view in front of… Read More