Kid You Not, BINGOAT Is Happening in VA

Image credit: Kate Michael

DC has discovered something even better than goat yoga. It’s BINGOAT! (Yes, it’s BINGO, with goats.)

It seems that everything is better when goats get added it the mix. They are naturally curious, crazy adorable, and make great therapy animals as well.

But not everyone wants to have to be active and bendy to take advantage of their billygoat bliss. So BINGOAT is just the thing.

Yoga instructor Beth A. Wolfe, in collaboration with Dr. Maureen Nottsinger of local Walnut Creek Farms, has been offering BINGO — with goats — for a few years now in Arlington. Most events are held at Faith Lutheran Church in Arlington, in the indoor fellowship hall.


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Just like your average BINGO game, this one starts out with numbered cards and daub pens. But after a round or two, handlers let in a dozen or so small goats and it’s just the kidding around everyone’s been waiting for.

Image credit: Kate Michael

We happened to attend Halloween BINGOAT where the costumed cuteness was at an all-time high (especially since two people dressed like goats) but even without the dress-up, these gentle but playful animals were the main event: looking for treats, consenting to petting, and sometimes even trying to jump up on the tables and play!

This interactive experience is super fun, but over before you know it, and only available to those 10+ and comfortable around animals. (Oh! And you should know that it’s really hard to concentrate on your number card when THERE ARE CUTE GOATS ALL AROUND.) Prizes are Virginia Lottery tickets, but who cares — it’s all about the goats anyway.

The next BINGOAT is anticipated for November 4/5 2023, but check here for details ($40/pp).

Not big into BINGO? In addition to BINGOAT, there’s an opportunity to hang with the goats at a Goat Coffee Experience as well as a Zero-Proof Cocktail Hour.