Good Hair Day

October 26th was proclaimed Good Hair Day in the District of Columbia, due to the efforts of Dennis Roche, owner of Roche Salon. On this day, beauty salon owners are encouraged to help raise money for Breast Cancer research funding. Dennis is especially interested in… Read More

Best Buddies Ball

A couple of weekends ago, I received the most gracious invitation to attend the Best Buddies Ball. This event is annually held at the home of Mr. Sergeant Shriver and Mrs. Eunice Kennedy-Shriver and hosted by their son, Anthony. What a night! It started off… Read More

Blondes vs. Brunettes

We are tackling Alzheimer’s disease and seeing who “scores more” 🙂 This Powder Puff fundraiser takes place this Saturday at St. Anselm’s Abbey school at 1:00. Visit the website at www.blondesvsbrunettes to get your tickets or make a donation to the worthy cause. Aside from… Read More

Update on Kate…

I’ve had so much fun this week at events and appearances, I couldn’t choose just one to write about! So here is a general overview of the week so you’ll know what has been happening and how preparations are going for Miss America! The week… Read More

Reading is FUNdamental!!

A literacy organization that I am working closely with this year, Reading Is Fundamental, is sponsoring 3 literacy events in conjunction with the DC Public Schools system at approximately 40 Washington DC schools during the 2006-2007 school year. We are in the process of recruiting… Read More

ELLE Magazine

I got an e-mail the other day that Elle magazine was interested in doing a feature article on a few of the Miss America contestants, and three designers in particular were going to choose three of us for the magazine. Imagine my elation when I… Read More

THIS JUST IN… Check out E! News tonight for coverage of the 52 Miss America 2007 Contestants in Los Angeles during shooting of the two-hour special, Pageant School: Becoming Miss America E! News airs on the E! Network at 7pm & 11pm ET/PT.TONIGHT – Monday,… Read More


Yes, I am under a gag order from CMT and P B & J Entertainment… but I can tell you that I am back from filming “Becoming Miss America: Pageant School” and I had an incredible time in Santa Monica!! The 52 of us eventually… Read More