While almost everyone I know was saluting Ted’s documentary in Park City, I took a little adventure trip of my own – to Annapolis. I had only visited the site of our nation’s temporary Capital (post Treaty of Paris in 1783) once before, and as it’s only about a 45 minute drive from Narnia, it was perfect for a quick weekend get away.

Although unimpressed with the actual grounds of the Naval Academy (it was BELOW FREEZING! but there was just no one about and no GREEN SPACE), I loved the town and would recommend the Reynolds Tavern Bed & Breakfast to anyone looking to benefit from both history and hospitality during their Annapolis visit.

4 thoughts on “Annapolis!

  1. Oh Dear Kate–I graduated from the beautiful Naval Academy in 2001–and if the weather is still the same in Jan of ’08 like it was during my tenure as a Midshipman (extra pts if you can tell me where the name originated), then of course it’s gonna be “unimpressive.” Try strapping on tractionless core frams and marching down Stribbling after it has iced over throughout the night. I bet then you would be at the very least impressed with the tenacity of the mids as this is just one small day-to-day battle they face at this time. (Not to mention the upcoming battles they have when they graduate.) Annapolis is termed the “dark ages” this time of year for a reason—but come May, you will be overly delighted with the beauty of the yard and wonder how you could have ever jumped to such a snapshot judgment like you did.

  2. Kate — for somebody who claims to be cultured and know everything you prove time and time again that you ARE clueless!

  3. I do not believe that I have ever claimed to “know everything.” Thank you for your kind comments.

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