ABC’s DANCE WAR Guerilla Marketing

Does guerilla marketing work? Well, obviously, it does – or it’s just funny enough to me that MY SITE was deemed worthy – because I am going to post about ABC’s Dance War, and if you’re like me… and had never heard of the show, you are probably going to follow the link and find out what it’s all about.

Amy, from a guerilla marketing company, sent me an e-mail through my website telling me that they had new information from the BBC about the show’s finale and thought I might be interested in some of the “exclusive content and gossip.” She then went on to tell me about what each of the characters was up to. My favorite:

Qui’s and Corina used to date.Qui’s is obsessed with the Lakers. It’s been really hard for him to be without sports center, and he can’t understand how the other guys in the group could care less.

Equally as interesting, Drew Lachey is singing tghe opening dance number for the finale episode. Was Nick already booked for Dancing With the Stars?