Top Chef Challenge – LLS Woman of the Year

Just as I helped Pamela Sorensen, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year candidate in her efforts to achive top fundriasing honors last year, I committed to help the team of Andrea Van Dell for the 2008-2009 campaign.

Andrea’s team is hosting a unique Top Chef challenge on Thursday, May 1, at the home of Mr. John Barnett. Some of the Top Chefs are local celebrity DJ Seyhan Duru, Fletcher Gill, David Weirshousky, Carl Becker, Lilly Harris, Brian Bennett, Nomey Druskin, Cory Rice, Philip Ballard, Katie Lapp , Maireni Melo, and Scott Kahle. Executive Culinary Chef , Nicholas Stefanelli, will taste the dishes and decide who is DC Top “Chef”!!

Tickets to the event can be purchased for $65 at this link. Or, join me at the afterparty, with your ticket donation of $25 for this very worthy cause.

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  1. Kate, that is awesome you are helping Andrea! You will be a true asset to her and her team. Thanks for continuing to assist finding a cure to blood cancer. Pamela

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