I’m a Homeowner!!!

Wondering where I’ve been lately?? (Other than preparing for the marathon…) I closed on a condo today, and am officially a first-time homeowner in the District of Columbia!

The process was educational – as is doing almost anything for the first time – but I must give thanks and kudos to my wonderful team of real estate agents, Nate Guggenheim and Anne Savage of WC & AN Miller. In just one weekend of looking (I was pretty particular about my location) we found the perfect place for me.

Lots of paper work, some fund juggling, and much thumb twiddling later, I signed the papers this afternoon and am holding the keys to my first “home”.

What am I looking forward to most… other than decorating?? My loan payments and fees are comparable to what I currently pay in rent. So, even now, with a “mortgage crisis” upon us, if you’ve been responsible and saved well, homeownership can not only make sense, but make ‘cents’ as well!