Helter Shelter – Wednesday

Although I was planning to go to the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian Birthday Bash anyway, it turned out to be more fun to cover it for The Scene Bisnow. No one was shy of the camera – or of the cupcakes!

This was the first time I could get my Georgetown Cupcake fix without waiting in a Georgetown super-long line. Chocolate with white frosting is my fave!! Confession: I just gobbled the yummy top part.

(At right: YB lovelies, Kim Kirkpatrick and Brittany Balmer.)

By the time I got to the Kennedy Center for Shear Madness, a monsoon was dumping buckets on the Beltway. I was shear madness myself, but the downpour didn’t totally drench the evening.

Senator Robert Menendez (NJ) was holding a fundraiser at Morton’s downtown which we kind of crashed unintentionally – though the steaks and cigars were only enhanced by a dress or two 🙂