Friday’s Foolery

It’s been a long time since I stayed out until 5 AM. With how the night began, I wouldn’t have expected such craziness. Call it a house party gone wild!

She’ll hate that I’m calling it this… but I started Friday at the home of chick-lit author Kerry Reich’s who was not only gracious enough to open her house to friends for a viewing party of the Olympic’s opening ceremonies, but also confirmed with me that she will donate an awesome silent auction item for the District Sample Sale.
I was covering the opening of Current, and wanted to get there when it would be at its best, so I stopped by Coco Sala for a quick chocolate mojito. Bharet Malhotra hooked me and friends up with a comfy table and let us try some spicy chocolate delicacies… yum! (I’m with Megan Ortagus at left.)
Current was, as expected, a scene. I always wonder how these masses of people get invited to private openings – but at least everyone was having a great time. There was even bodysurfing upstairs! (Prohibited, of course.) I heard sushi would be served, making it a Dragonfly #2 in the space of Dragonfly #1, but I didn’t see any. Most likely a good thing. The real grand opening (doubtless after several “soft openings” Park style) will be next Thursday.
But I did run into some great friends and tagged along on the way to Tattoo for Jose Garcia’s (2nd of 3) birthday parties.
We will be singing to the birthday boy again Saturday, so it was off to L2… now one of my favorite places to finish the night. I made the DJ play some Michael Jackson tunes and we turned the lounge into a dance party. There was even some limboing… well, maybe that was just me 🙂