Birthdays @ L2… the Boycott Ends :)

I finally went to L2 for the first time this weekend. While I proudly promote membership in private social clubs (CTC, University Club, National Press Club), I’ve been vocally against private membership in nightclubs. Especially for girls… When have girls ever had to pay to enter a nightclub!?

But Friday night, four great friends convinced me to enter the swanky L2 in Cady’s Alley. Happy Birthday to Heather, Luis, Anthony, and Doug! I have to admit that the place was great (though drinks were expensive!!), the crowd was the perfect size, and the birthday cake (purchased on site) was incredible.

To my friends that own L2, sorry to be so critical. I think your design concepts are wonderful, and I love the place. But I’m still not a fan of private membership nightclubs 🙂 Even so, Happy Birthday to the gang!