Wiz vs. Cavs (Game 4)

The officials spent time reviewing only one of the major plays in the Wizards vs. Cavs game yesterday, but we can bet the Wizards and Eddie Jordan will be reviewing them ad nauseum. Was it the same team that beat ‘James and the Backups’ at the Verizon Center by some 30 points earlier in the week? Was something off…or did we just lose the magic of Soulja Boy?
Here’s what we did do well…
Antawn Jamison led with 23 points.

Darius Songaila, not usually my favorite, played his heart out.

We USUALLY got our free throws.

Here’s what we can work on…

Go for the two point shots when the threes are out of reach.

Don’t expect Gil to deliver the clutch shot Hail Mary.

Get those rebounds!