Will on the Hill Pivots, Plays, Raises $400,000

It was quite a bit different watching Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Will on the Hill via Vimeo this year. Audiences loved how they could more easily identify the Congressional players (and Members of Parliament!) and other notables, but it was also a little easier to get lost in the script since movement was, well, at a minimum.

On Monday, September 14, 2020, ‘The Honorables’ from both sides of the aisle presented an original script, Will on the Hill… or Won’t They?, from playwright, director, and actor Nat Cassidy that put Shakespeare front and center — even if political power was the play within a play’s purpose — and even managed to make light of 2020 with (never enough!) cameos from Congressmen.

For the first time ever, and largely due to its digital format, audiences were able to pay any price they choose — aka Pay What You Will — all proceeds benefiting STC’s education and community engagement programs. The event raised nearly $400,000!

The link to 2020’s Will on the Hill remains available for viewing through Thursday, 9.17.20 at midnight. Donation and fundraising opportunities also continue by texting WOTH to 91999.

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