WhoDunnit’s Sasha Horne on Reality Life’s Little Mysteries

Being a cast member on a major network reality competition show has been on Sasha Horne‘s bucket list for years according to the WhoDunnit?! break-out star who graduated from Georgetown University and has re-settled in DC post show production.

“I have always been a big reality competition show fan. I’d place [this] right next to ‘take a year off from work and travel Europe.'”

So when she came across a casting call for the show — on Craigslist! — one day last spring, she downloadresponded immediately.  “I was… contacted for a phone interview, next was a video interview and finally I was flown to LA with about 50 other finalists. I was told I was one 13 cast members chosen from 100,000+ applicants.”

“I think the casting directors felt I would be a strong contender due to my reporting skills,” shared Horne, a journalist.  “I also have an extremely outgoing and outspoken personality, which clearly makes for good TV.”

WhoDunnit? is a televised murder mystery game, in which players use a variety of crime scene investigation techniques to uncover evidence in a weekly series of puzzling murders, ultimately hoping to reveal who among them is the killer.

Some players choose to form alliances.  Others go it solo.  All are in it for the $250,000 prize.

Sasha’s strategy hasn’t exactly been overly friendly — her persona is more about starting sparks than handing out sunshine and rainbows — but she won’t admit that any one player is her nemesis, either.  tumblr_mngj1eE3U01rp580mo1_500“Anyone who has seen the show has likely noted some tense moments with a couple of people on the cast…”

Last week’s (July 21st) show saw the stakes of the game raised ever higher.  But after the players investigate how the killer used a horse, snake and poisonous flowers to nail the latest victim, Sasha “dies” her own creepy death.

She just may be out of the running for the prize money (faked death theories abound on the web)… but she encourages every one to watch on!

“Without giving too much away, I’ve learned how important gut instincts are. I really trusted my gut on the show… Not sure how I can apply all that I’ve learned to my everyday life, but I can already see myself analyzing things in a manner that I likely wouldn’t have prior [to the show].”

*Images courtesy ABC and Sasha Horne’s website

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