White Nights

Continuing the fundraising effort for Leukemia & Lymphoma “Man and Woman of the Year,” we filled Indeblue dressed in all white Friday night. Seyhan Duru’s 6th annual White Party, always a see and be scene, became the venue for many of us with a social conscience to start the drive toward the last week of this intense campaign.

All of the candidates are counting their monies, calling in last minute donations, and hoping the auction items they submitted for the Gala this Saturday will put them over the top to make them Man or Woman of the Year. Of course I’ll be there Saturday to bring the news to you firsthand! (Thanks to Windy Sheppard, Woman of the Year 2006 for providing spaces at her table.)
A modest donation and some creative white made for a fabulous fundraising fete at the Indeblue Tantra Lounge! Good luck to Seyhan… and stay tuned to find out how much money was raised and WHO WINS!