Whimsy in Art + Architecture

In collaboration with Smithsonian Associates, Anthony Wilder co-hosted “Celebrating Whimsy in Art + Architecture: The Rodney Smith Legacy” on October 17, 2018 at the Smithsonian’s Ripley Center. The private presentation of Rodney Smith’s iconic photography was led by Leslie Smolan, Smith’s wife and creative partner, with a reception catered by Chaplin’s Restaurant and Bar.

Anthony Wilder, known for its whimsical architecture in the DC region, is committed to supporting the arts community through collaboration. 

Rodney Smith was a prominent American photographer whose (also) whimsical work invited comparisons to that of Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte. He passed away in 2016 and his estate continues to exhibit his work at museums and galleries around the world. 

“Leslie’s presentation was utterly breathtaking,” said Danielle Frye, Marketing Director at Anthony Wilder. “After being at Anthony Wilder for 13 years, I can say that it was incredibly special to have been able to offer our clients the privilege of hearing her unique perspective as she continues to build on the legacy of Rodney Smith the photographer, the person, and her dear husband.”

Photos by Norwood Photography