What's Next DC? Showing Your Klout

“It’s not a popularity contest,” claimed Klout Chief Revenue Officer Tim Mahlman at the 2nd annual What’s Next DC conference put on by the Green Buzz Agency at GW’s Marvin Center.  No?  Somehow, it so is.

“It’s quality over quantity… a standard for measuring success online,” which uses its own algorithm to determine if one’s social media engagement affords them a certain degree of importance — or clout.  And it’s gaining major ground.

Mahlman joined dozens of industry insiders Monday, when DC’s communications minds came together to sharpen their skills and actively participate in niche discussions, led by such thought leaders as PepsiCo’s Bonin Bough, HBO’s Sabrina Caluori, Facebook’s Katie Harbath, Mashable’s Lauren Indvik, Rosetta Stone’s Eric Ludwig and dozens of others.

Klout’s session was one of the day’s most popular, with many attendees looking to find a way to measure the convergence of their online influence with everyday life.

“It’s about building a one to one relationship with companies to show them who people are,” explained Mahlman of why companies were clamoring to work with Klout and take advantage of its inverse funnel philosophy.   “And then it’s about connecting trusted influencers to companies to really get the word out.”

Klout may not be a popularity contest, but it may be how popularity pays off.

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  1. Kate – This is truly the next “BIG” thing. It is already being used in Las Vegas to upgrade the rooms of hotel guests when upgrades are available.

    It will be interesting to see if this concept is embraced by business to reward those willing to speak positively about their experiences.

    Great topic! Keep up the good work – as always! Gerry

    Potomac Secret Agent

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