What is Foursquare?

It’s a friend finder, a city guide, and a tool for stalkers.  Foursquare is also a clue to the next big thing in conversational/social media.  So should you be on it?

It’s not new to connect with friends via mobile device or digital application.  Hello Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  But Foursquare is taking online communities by storm and those other conversational apps are aching to get in on the action, incorporating their own geo-location software to stay relevant as Foursquare is popularized in hyperlocal metrohubs.

It all starts with the check-in.
“Checking-in” via the Foursquare website or a phone app allows you- in one click – to publish your location for friends and followers to see, as well as write reviews or make suggestions to others that find themselves in the area.  It’s not just your opportunity to announce your antics to the waiting world, it can also be a boon for business.  Showing a loyal audience, celebrity clients, and offering special coupons for Foursquare check-ins are just some of the ways that businesses are using the system to their advantage.

What will keep you hooked?

Foursquare makes a game of the status update – bribing participants with points, badges and titles (I’m the “Mayor” of….) Users can leave suggestions of activities for you in the area where you’ve checked in, which can add to your adventure if you’re exploring.  

So is it worth it?
Only you can say because it requires active participation and a willingness to share your schedule (and pass on privacy!) to experience.  It’s free and fun – and the best way to see a 300,000 mile overview of your daily routine… as will everyone else.  Friends – meet up!  Stalkers – our restraining orders are at the ready!

*And once you get it, you’ll be all over this new hilarious web series: Foursquare Cops

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