More than a resource for Bridezillas (bratty brides got berserk!), new website Weddzilla claims to be all that nearly newlyweds need for the perfect big day.

Thursday night’s launch party at the National Museum of Women in the Arts sought to show that nuptials are not an untameable monster but rather a way to “bring your love story into your wedding,” according to advice guru Sharon Naylor. Fellow guests of honor included Cake Baker Ron Ben-Israel, Etiquette Expert Diane Forden, and Invitation Innovator Lisa “Ceci” Johnson, on hand alongside vendors ranging from the “Will you?” to the ‘I do.”

Our favorite piece of advice to the crowd? “You can have your cake and eat it too!” a promise from Ben-Israel who claims his cakes won’t pack on the pounds. A welcome vow, indeed!

(Anna-Sian Eigen contributed this post and pictures.)

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