Wedding of Ordos: 700 Years of Tradition in Two Nights at the Kennedy Center

Think you’ve been to enough weddings to have seem them all?  How about a traditional wedding in the ancient Mongolian city of Ordos?

The Ordos Song and Dance Theater is presenting this cultural spectacle of poetry, music and dance in only two performances in the United States — and both are taking place at The Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater, on January 24 and 25 at 8 PM.

It’s fittingly called Wedding of Ordos, and it brings to the stage 700 years of tradition, starting in ancient Mongolia during the Yuan Dynasty.

Passed from generation to generation, the long history of the wedding customs, etiquette, apparel, and celebration are re-enacted in a musical drama divided into eight chapters, mainly: the first encounters between a young man and woman, their growing attraction and presentation to each other’s family, the solemn wedding ceremony, and their subsequent life on the great prairie of Ordos.

Tickets are exceptionally affordable, starting at $10, are on sale now.
*Photo courtesy of Ordos Song and Dance Theater

One thought on “Wedding of Ordos: 700 Years of Tradition in Two Nights at the Kennedy Center

  1. Karen SueJoy Miller


    Wish I could see this, but I just left D.C. after two weeks visiting there (I used to live there), and am now back in Los Angeles. Nice coincidence, too, since I’m going to be teaching/living in Ordos starting end of next month. And my initials are KSM. Go figure!

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