Wear RFK!

Reading through the RedEnvelope catalog this morning (I do way too much internet shopping!) I saw what just may be the best, or worst gift for a male sports fan. I haven’t decided if I like it – but it’s definitely an interesting idea.

RedEnvelope is selling Ballpark Cufflinks – pieces of verious stadiums around the country that have been made into men’s jewelry. Yes, you can buy wooden pieces of RFK Stadium to adorn your french cuffs for under $200!

According to RedEnvelope,

“these aren’t just cuff links—they’re a piece of baseball history. Crafted
of salvaged wooden seats from America’s most famous and beloved stadiums, these cuff links are one of a kind. Coated in the original paint of the stadium seat
colors, each wooden cuff link boasts a deep patina collected from decades of
home openers, double-headers and grand slam ovations.”

Pretty cool. But… why should Fenway cost more??