‘We Will Survive Cancer’ Fêtes Fashionably Philanthropic 10th Anniversary

Donna Donella and Don Calvert with ‘We Will Survive Cancer’ Founder Gayela Bynum.

We Will Survive Cancer, a non-profit which assists the families of cancer patients to address needs — like child care, family counseling, household finance management, transportation, and more — surrounding life after a cancer diagnosis, celebrated its 10th anniversary in grand style last Friday, May 17th.

Its black tie “Celebration of Life” was held at the National Museum for Women in the Arts.  In addition to honoring Tigerlily Foundation Founder Maimah Karmo, a 13 year cancer survivor, the event featured musical performances,

Guests Brooke Packard, Queen Beauty District of Columbia 2019 and Talia Masiello, Queen Beauty Connecticut 2019

a DJ, gourmet cuisine… and a one-of-a-kind fashion presentation by Ukranian designer Irina Mologoko with her MILA Fashion line.

Wearing MILA gowns were such crowned notables as Nicole Elizabeth, Mrs. America 2019; Lauren Zeigler, Mrs. US 2017; Leiah Rocheleau, Mrs. DC America 2018; and Zara Khan, Miss Universe Guyana 2017.

Others in attendance included many other various pageant titleholders, Lisa Spoden and Tareq Salahi, Matthew Christian Davis, and Kimberly Wilde Warfield.



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