Washington DC Temple Brings Back Stunning Festival of Lights

Intrigued by the Washington DC Temple? You’re not alone! But even if you missed your chance to visit the Temple when it was open to the public (before consecration after its latest renovation), you can see the grounds, take in some truly spectacular lights, and even see a scale model at the Visitor’s Center!

All of this is possible during the Festival of Lights Christmas event, which the Temple says is back for the first time since 2017.

The public is invited on the Temple grounds to see over 400,000 dazzling lights, spirited performances, and the first-ever Giving Machine (think: vending machine where you select what help you’ll send to others).

It’s a brilliant way to get in the holiday spirit!

“Imagine swiping your credit card at a vending machine – but instead of buying a candy bar for yourself, you’re buying a winter coat for a child in need or a hot meal for someone affected by a disaster,” a Temple Festival of Lights promotional e-mail said. “Light The World is the perfect way to let our light—and His light—shine brightly.”

Inside the Visitor’s Center (the Temple itself is not open to the general public), guests will enjoy holiday décor, nativity scenes from cultures around the world, and a variety of performances through January 2nd.

All of this is free, but reservations for performances are required.