Washington Chorus to Offer Special Singing Valentines on Demand

This could be the most spectacular singing telegram we’ve ever seen.

The Washington Chorus (TWC) is helping Cupid deliver messages of love this February with ‘Valentines on Demand.’ A member of the two-time Grammy award-winning Chorus — or a collaborating artist, including soprano Aundi Marie Moore and baritone Damien Geter — can be commissioned to send a love song via customized video to your special someone.

There’s a diverse catalogue of songs to choose from, including classical, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre.

Standard Valentines, like All You Need is Love, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Lean on Me, My Funny Valentine, or You Are My Sunshine are performed by a member of the Chorus or TWC Executive Leadership and start at $21.

A Premium Valentine, like Amore e’l cor gentil, Climb Every Mountain, or I Just Called to Say I Love You would be performed by a member of the Chorus or a collaborating artist.  But the Mega-Custom Valentine is your chance to create a truly unique and personal message…. like a marriage proposal perhaps? … allowing you to choose any song of your choice, write your own the lyrics, and even decide if it should be sung a capella or to a pre-recorded accompaniment track.

What song will you send?

February 11 is the deadline for ordering a Standard or a Premium Valentine and noon on February 5 for the Mega-Custom Valentine.

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