Warming My New Home

I’ve been “home” in my new condo in Foggy Bottom for about a month, but had yet to invite friends to see the place. To tell the truth, I was still worried that my neighbors would throw a fit that I was inviting about 20 people to my little studio. Some of them have been living there since the place was built in 1956, and I think they might be a bit worried to have a ‘youngster’ around.

But I couldn’t wait any more! So, I threw a small housewarming/stock the bar last Tuesday to introduce my new home and new neighborhood.

Yes, I’m proud. I painted and lugged furniture, and set everything up all by myself. It’s the first place that is all my own, and I was beeming to show it off to some of my friends. (And cheers to you all – you were appropriately impressed…or were nice enough to say you were.)

Home sweet home.