War Photography: Artistry in Armed Conflict on View at the Corcoran

The realities of life during wartime come alive in a new traveling exhibit currently on location at DC’s Corcoran Gallery of Art entitled “WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath.”
1 Rosenthal - Old Glory
Credit: Rosenthal, “Old Glory”

The exhibition encompasses more than 150 images ranging all the way back from 1887 to current-day conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Separated into various categories, “WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY” comprises not only the horrors of war — a section entitled “Executions” is particularly difficult to look at — but also the hopes and the faith of those whose lives have been affected by armed conflict, from both civilian perspectives or those of the service members who have given their lives to defending the values they deem worthwhile.

“WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY” was curated by a trio of experts in the fields of art, photography, and cultural studies, allowing the exhibit to not only cover the intricacies involved in the beauty of creating an artistic photographic print, but also to tell various stories — Of culture, of history, and of the humanistic side of warfare.

4 Grimshaw - First Cut
Credit: Grimshaw, “First Cut”

War photography, explained curator Anne Wilkes Tucker at a Corcoran exhibit preview this week, has lately become a dialogue that elevates celebrity photojournalists, instead of doing its intended work: showing outsiders the delicate and oftentimes harrowing human struggle that surrounds armed conflict.

“WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY” will be on display at the Corcoran Gallery from June 29-September 29, and with Corcoran Summer Saturdays allowing guests to tour museums exhibits for free, there’s really no reason to miss out on such a memorable and impacting exhibit.

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