Want Not, Waste Not: Eco-Commerce ‘The Rounds’ Delivers in DC

Image courtesy: The Rounds

Love getting almost everything delivered to your doorstep? There’s a new go-to in town that’s easier, greener, and cheaper.

To say we’ve gotten used to having our wants and needs dropped — quickly — at our door is an understatement. But at the same time, we claim to care about our carbon footprint, clean water resources, and reducing waste.  So what if you could be both commerce- and eco-conscious… and not even have to think about it?

The Rounds is a modern take on a traditional delivery-and-use concept that is finally coming to DC from Philadelphia. Members (for a fee as low as $5.95 monthly) get a bundle of household, personal care, pantry, baby, and pet products delivered in sustainable packaging. And when they’ve finished with their canister of coffee/quinoa/cashews or oh-so much more, The Rounds will pick it up, clean it, and use it again.

Think: Old-fashioned milkman on sustainability steroids!!

Image courtesy: The Rounds

And what’s more, The Rounds members get stocked up on all of these home basics — and even local favorites like Compass Coffee, Seylou Bakery, and Bethesda Bagels —  and don’t even have to remember to ask for a refill. The brand’s predictive technology determines when members are about to run out of things they have ordered, from paper towels and dish soap to diapers and dog treats, so membership is doubly smart.

“Our mission at The Rounds is to help make everyday sustainable choices truly effortless,” The Rounds CEO Alex Torrey told K Street Magazine.

“With predictive data science, The Rounds manages the inventory of all the essential goods in your home, refilling personalized amounts based on your individual household’s usage and delivering in reusable containers with no packaging waste on a set weekly schedule.”

From a refill center in Mt. Vernon Triangle, The Rounds makes deliveries of its white-label, consciously-curated, and branded products to DC-area members on e-bike or on foot, which isn’t just fast and convenient but allows The Rounds to provide its refill service with a fraction of the packaging waste of mainstream retailers.

Image courtesy: The Rounds

DC’s small living spaces will also appreciate the pantry-space savings this closed-loop supply chain provides!

The Rounds debuted in DC over the summer and given the Capital City’s enthusiasm for a marriage of expedience, economy, and ESG, Torrey is ready for The Rounds to take DC by storm.

“Sustainable convenience really matters for people here,” he told us. “Our mission is to make everyday
sustainable choices effortless, for everyone.”

Use code KSTREET before October 31, 2021 to get your first 10 refills delivered free.

Thank you to The Rounds for being a sponsor of K Street Magazine.

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