[Vid] WolfTrap CEO Terre Jones Snaps Off to Santa Fe

At its annual fundraising Gala — the Wolf Trap Ball — Saturday night, the nation’s only National Park for the Performing Arts sent off its President and CEO, Terre Jones, with a fond farewell and an over the top fete on the Wolf Trap Filene Center Stage.

“Most of you know that I’m rarely at a loss for words… and almost tonight, but not quite,” joked Jones in his short farewell address.  “It really is one love — Wolf Trap — and so many hearts — all of you,” he said, borrowing words from the night’s musical tribute sung by Peter, Paul & Mary‘s Noel (Paul) Stookey.

Preserving and embracing the legacy of Wolftrap’s founder Katherine Filene Shouse over his 17 years as President & CEO, Jones’ commitment to fostering the creation of innovative new works resulted in new commissions, record-breaking attendance for performances, and the expansion of Wolf Trap’s own arts, education and environmental programs.

Here he takes a few moments from the spotlight to share with KSM the highlights of his time at Wolf Trap, including his surprising favorite act to take the stage, and dish on where he’s headed.  Here’s a hint: He’ll be snapping up the Southwest!

“I draw upon ‘Terre’s Tunes’,” said Jones of a selection of his own favorite songs played throughout the evening, “and thought about those pop poets Lennon and McCartney who did a simple song that I think has a wonderfully simple message that I’d like to share with you…” And with that, Jones left the stage to the sounds of The Beatles’ “[I Get By] With a Little Help From My Friends.”

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