Victoria Road Pop Up Exhibits Pakistan… To Purchase!

The summer heat played host to the finest silk road wears with a modern stylish twist Monday night as founders Shannon Grewer, Megan 20140721_184043Brosterman and Lolly Amons — women behind more than a boutique — opened a physical pop-up shop of their online store, Victoria Road.

The main mission of Victoria Road is to allow women in Pakistan to start businesses in fashion and the arts by using their culture as a jumping off point.   But outfitting DC’s locals in exotic luxury isn’t a bad byproduct: An exhibit of fine jewels made 20140721_184058women feel like they were at a museum exhibit… until they heard the great prices — and then a ring went on everyone’s finger!  Caftans and dresses that begged to flow in the breeze of the Potomac were snatched up and SOLD!

The pop up heads next to New York City and the Hamptons — a caravan worthy to follow!  But if you must wait until the goods come back to DC, at least there’s a new website for your wardrobe wanderings.

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