Use This App… And Never Look for Parking Again?!

Today, DC’s largest parking operator announced an app that may mean you’ll never have to search for parking again!

Our spidey sense tells us that sounds too good to be entirely true, but Colonial Parking, in partnership with ParkMe (a provider of real time on-and-off street parking info) will, for more than 100 of their parking facilities in DC, provide real time occupancy information for their spaces.  Additionally, a driver can opt for personalized parking recommendations based on the driver’s location, the type of vehicle, and duration of the their stay.

This info can be streamed to mobile phones, in-car navigation systems, GPS devices… and the Colonial Parking’s website.

Think that’s not such a big deal?  Just remember, in DC alone, 90% of all commuters are estimated to work within two blocks of a Colonial parking place.

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