Urban Butcher, A Meat Market Opens in Silver Spring

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever eaten in Silver Spring.

IMG_8898“Step into my living room,” beams Raynold Mendizabal as you pass by cocktailers enjoying bourbon punch and lavender margaritas in a cozy lounge of vintage and reclaimed furniture before entering the meat market, Urban Butcher, a true boucherie that officially opens today (December 12th).

Designed to appeal to both the business and residential communities that surround it, Urban Butcher will offer a variety of eats experiences — including a 30 seat coffee bar (that turns into a lounge area in the evening), a lengthy bar, a generously sized dining room, a communal table and anIMG_8908 outdoor patio.

Wherever you are, you’ll gaze longingly into Urban Butcher’s custom-designed glass-enclosed curing cellar and salivate over an extensive selection of in-house cured and aged cuts of meat, as well as seafood, poultry, pig and game that make up a menu focusing on nose-to-tail dining.

There will be cuts of meat from heritage breeds (chosen for the natural flavors they take from the land upon which they graze) and so many other cuts not so often found on restaurant menus.

This place takes your idea of a traditional meat cellar restaurant  — and butchers it.

*Urban Butcher is located at 8226 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland

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