“Up for Renewal”

Tonight at Ginger in Bethesa, local author, Cathy Alter, celebrated the release of her novel, “Up for Renewal” in paperback.

I recently finished the book, which I loved not only because it is based here in Washington, DC, but because it’s a great and unique true story – the story of how one woman used women’s glossies to change her life.

What would happen if we followed the advice given to us by Glamour, Elle, and InStyle? Do Cosmo‘s sex tips really make us better in bed? Can I make over my apartment in ten easy steps? Will Real Simple’s cooking tips make my chicken edible?

Cathy gave over her life to the headlines for twelve full months and came out a totally different person, perhaps more on the inside than on the outs. The book may have been an experiment for her, but for us, it’s a hilarious and genuine must read.

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