Two Environmental Film Fest Offerings That DC Needs to See


The largest environmental film festival in the world is taking place in DC this weekend.  Since 1993, the Environmental Film Fest has been celebrating the Earth and encouraging stewardship of the environment through the media of film.

With over 100 films to enjoy at venues across the city, there are showings on just about every environmental interest.  But two films showing at this year’s festival will likely be of particular interest to DC participants.

The film that opened the festival, The River and the Wall, is a timely film that takes audiences on a journey along the U.S. – Mexico border to better understand where the physical border wall, as proposed by the

Meow Wolf: Origin Story

Trump Administration, would go, and the impacts it would have.  The River and the Wall plays again on Sunday, March 24th.

Meow Wolf: Origin Storyis fascinating for an entirely different reason.  It tells the story of a commune of arts “agitators” that began in New Mexico and have since taken the nation’s arts industry by storm. With their immersive installations and unique interactive art experiences, Meow Wolf is a must for any visitor to Santa Fe. The story of how it all began is strange and fascinating…. especially as DC recently heard that Meow Wolf is bringing a 3 level permanent exhibition to the city in 2022! Meow Wolf: Origin Story plays on Sunday, March 17th and again on Sunday, March 24th.

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